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Using the Schoeps CMIT 5u

The microphone for everything

As a location audio mixer in Phoenix, Arizona for the past 10 years I have used a few boom mics and the Schoeps CMIT 5u has been the best mic I've ever used in the field.

The sound quality is amazing!

This mic has been my go to mic ever since I added it to my sound package.

“It's an all around great sounding microphone.”

Using the Schoeps CMIT 5u

First off the mic comes in two colors a silver grey and a Blue. I don't know anyone who has the grey mic. Having the blue just looks cooler. Then having eq options directly on the mic making it easy to add some high end or roll of a little or more low end.

The sound quality is extremely clean. With a great flat but full frequency response mixing the mic in post is a pleasure having all the frequencies to work with. The mid to highs are crisp no matter who you're micing. The lows are full but not muddy. The presence is great. Not long ago I did a comparison with the CMIT, MK41, Sennheisser 416, and MKH 50 and there was no comparison. The two Schoeps were very similar to each other and so were the Sennheisers. But, what the sennheisers lacked was a lot of mid range and even more low to mid. definitely sounded like they boosted the low end giving it a muddiness that was when compared to the Schoeps very unpleasant. Same to the high end. Over crisp and definitely sounding like a boost.

Its confirmed

If I am doing a job in the field I will always carry the CMIT. That's if I want a client to call me back.

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